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Victoria's Secret told Elizabethany she has DDs

Hi, I'm elizabethany. Former President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and only "former" because I think there's an age limit to that thing. I was a gymnast my whole life and never got the "spurt" that some girls get after they quit besides in my stomach, thighs, face, and everywhere but my boobs really. 

When I shop for bras, I look for a B and hope it has enough padding in it for my boobs to not be completely lost in there, and to help me look a little more like a woman. I typically buy a 34-36B from Target or H&M [those bras make your boobs look fantastic for $14.]

I'm a cheapo. I don't believe in buying from Victoria's Secret because it's just too expensive... but for some reason, I decided to shop in there and see what size they give me. 

So I get measured, and homegirl says "honey, you're a 32DD." I literally spit in this poor stranger girl's face and LOLed harder than I have in at least a few months. 

She stared at me. I laughed again. Stared back. Asked her "what?!" "You're a 32DD! You've been buying wrong!" 

No homegirl, you're measuring wrong... let me show you, give me a 32DD and let's laugh together.

She gets me a 32DD strapless, and holy bleep it actually fits, I think?! I mean, it seems to cover the entire upper half of my torso, but it's pretty snug. This makes no sense. 

I bought the damn bra.  

I've come to the conclusion that VS tells you a size larger than you are so that you buy their bra and immediately tell your boyfriend, best friends, and even every stranger you meet that you're a big ol' DD cup! That's exactly what I did as soon as I tried that thing on. I've also reminded those people several times since then that they're lucky to be in such large boobs' acquaintance. 

Now... I wanna get your opinion. I know if you go down on a band size, you go up in cup size or whatever the f that "rule" is, but I'm gonna show you my DD bra [nude strapless] and my 34B [pink pushup] and see what you think. 

Tweet me your thoughts, of course.

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