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What it's like to sell used panties... from a pro

Surely you've at least HEARD of people selling their used undies on the Internet... 

Wear it for a day, two days, a week... sell it to someone who has a "fetish," and make some cash. 

Over at Someecards, they talked to a girl who does it... for NO LESS THAN $30 A PAIR! 

CLICK HERE OR THE TWEET BELOW FOR THE FULL ARTICLE, but here are some highlights.. 

How have your interactions been? Creepy? Friendly? Dirty?

More tame than you might think! You both know why you're there, so it's akin to a business transaction... with a hint of role play. I never thought I'd talk about something like the way I smell, or my grooming habits in such a straight-forward way, but that's your identity as a seller, how you market yourself. You embrace it and find the wording that works for you. Most buyers know exactly what they're looking for, so there's not a lot of fluff.

I have to admit, that is a lot more boring I than I thought it would be.

A buyer will reach out to you with something they're looking for, and from there it's quick. There is an element of light flirting with pet names, winky faces, and other affectionate tidbits (it's all part of the fantasy for the buyer) but otherwise it's cut and dry. I get called various pet names from "sweetie" to "sexy" and usually call buyers "babe" or "hun." I haven't had a buyer be derogatory or step over a line. I don't think that's what it's about for most buyers.

So what determines the price? What's the difference between a pair you can sell for $30 and a pair you can sell for $50?

Prices can go up by how many days you wear them, if they have period stains on them, skid marks, if you masturbate in them, if you have sex and then wear them after, if you're willing to sell them with videos or photos... if you can think it up, people will pay for it. Rule of thumb: the more you're willing to do, the more they'll sell for. But you gotta know your boundaries, and you learn pretty fast what you'll do for a chunk of cash. Spoiler alert: it's both more and less than you think.

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