Jogger shares story of getting attacked and fighting back

There's something about being attacked and WINNING the battle that actually leaves you with a very positive feeling rather than negative. 

I would NEVER want anyone to go through such an experience themselves, but I have, and both times I was able to come out stronger than before the incident. After a life of fearing what would happen, I was able to to prove to myself that I was strong enough to make it through a horrific event. 

But enough about me.... this woman's story is incredible. 

She was jogging in Seattle and took a bathroom break.... when she was drying her hands, a man who had been hiding in a stall came out and knocked her to the ground. She immediately went into "not today m-f'er" mode and fought her way out of the attack. 

Luckily, people were nearby and helped her lock the man in the bathroom... but her GPS captured the entire fight on the map and it's.... I don't know the word to use for it... but it makes me imagine the entire battle and the girl has got some serious strength built into her.



PS I did write about one of the times I came out feeling stronger... right over here.



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