Hoody Reviews 'The Batman' In 60 Seconds Or Less

I got to see The Batman a few days early and while it doesn't quite outdo 2008's The Dark Knight, it might be the best Batman film since!

Robert Pattinson does a fantastic job of portraying a younger and angrier Bruce Wayne and if you've ever wanted to see the "World's Greatest Detective" in action, then this is the film for you because it's more similar to Saw, Se7en, or your favorite murder mystery than a typical DCEU or MCU film.

Here are some of my initial, SPOILER-FREE, thoughts on the film and what stood out to me just in case you need more incentive to watch it:

  • This movie does clock in at almost three hours long so plan your bathroom breaks accordingly, but there are a few scenes that could've been shortened with moments in the film that you want Batman to kind of pick up the pace.
  • The Batman takes inspiration from The Long Halloween comics and if you love the Batman: Arkham or Telltale games then you definitely feel like this is the closest we've got to seeing that Batman in live-action.
  • You won't recognize Colin Ferrell as The Penguin and John Turturro might have had his best performance in a movie yet.
  • Paul Dano's Riddler is a far cry from Jim Carrey's version from the 90s so get ready for a scarier and more intimidating villain that is inspired by real-life events.
  • There is technically an end-credits scene that will have you talking about the film for a couple days after you see it so stick around if you like puzzles!

Watch my full review for The Batman below:

I'm giving The Batman 8.5 out of 10 bats, and once again this might be the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight, which may or may not be the litmus test you need to see it in theaters! The Batman is in theaters now!!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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