A Sheet Of Uncut Pokémon Cards Just Listed At $34,000

Pokemon trading cards background

Photo: Getty Images

Even though it feels like the Pokémon card resurgence has felt like it has last forever, it might soon be coming to a close thanks to this new piece of Pokémon history you can buy: an entire sheet of uncut Pokémon cards!

An uncut sheet of 99 First Edition cards just listed on the auction site Goldin for $34,000 and if you played your cards right, then you would be sitting on a gold mine whenever you could properly cut each card.

In the sheet of cards you can also get holographic versions of each of the featured Pokémon like Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Nidoking so if you have ever dreamed about collecting all the cards as a kid then you could fulfill that childhood dream.

There are currently eight days left to place a bid, but just know that the price has increased to $37,000 so if you're willing to pay the price of a small car on Pokémon cards you can go HERE or see the video below!

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