Little Caesars Is Selling A Bat-Inspired Pizza For 'The Batman'

If you're looking for the perfect thing to eat while watching The Batman when it comes to theaters in March then you might want to stop by your local Little Caesars for their "Batman Calzony!"

The pizza chain has partnered with Warner Bros. to create "The Batman Calzony" that is a combination of a pizza and a calzone, but in this case it is shaped like Batman's iconic bat symbol.

The Batman-themed pizza is only $7.99 and you can currently get it at a location near you, but just get ready for it to be in high-demand because everyone loves Batman and there’s only so much crust to dish out justice and vengeance on the streets of Gotham or wherever you live!

The Batman will be in theaters starting on March 4th and just in case you haven't seen the trailer you can check it out below!

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