Xbox Just Donated $10,000 To The Montgomery County Humane Society

Fallout 4's Dogmeat was inspired by a real-life dog named River who was owned by one of the developers of the game.Photo: (Bethesda Softworks)

This might be one of the sweetest dog stories you'll read this week because Xbox and Bethesda Studios just donated $10,000 to the Montgomery County Humane Society in honor of the late dog who inspired Fallout 4's Dogmeat companion.

Dogmeat was a German Shephard companion in the game that would follow players and assist them when needed, but it was inspired by the senior designer's actual dog named River. River passed away late last month, but became one of the more popular companions in the entire series because of how realistic the character was.

To honor River’s passing, Xbox announced that it would be donating $10,000 to the Montgomery County Humane Society because Bethesda Studios, which is owned by Xbox, is based in MoCo so that other dogs can find their forever home.

You can see their announcement, as well as the humane society's reaction to the news below and if you would also like to join in donating you can go HERE!

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