Spider-Man Can Actually Swing From Webs And Crawl Walls At Avengers Campus

Somehow Disney did it because Spider-Man can actually swing on webs and crawl on walls at Disneyland's new addition Avengers Campus!

Avengers Campus officially opens to the public today and every guest will get to witness Spider-Man attempt a few stunts before he actually sings from a web and flips in the air and then crawls on a wall.

Now you're probably wondering how Disney got a stunt actor to do all this and they are actually using a "Stunttronics" robot to leap high into the sky while the actor gets ready to actually climb the wall after.

The robot was featured on Disney Plus' The Imagineering Story docuseries and is launched from behind a building where it performs a few flips and then lands on a crash pad. The robot isn't near any guest to potentially land on them and it's such a cool experience for Marvel fans of all ages to actually see Spider-Man swing from a web.

You can check out the full video of Spider-Man's performance below and just be ready for Avengers Campus to be packed for the next few months!

(USA Today)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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