Watch Snoop Dogg 'Rage Quit' Madden NFL And Forget To Turn His Stream Off

There's a video game for everyone, but that doesn't mean they'll all be easy, which is why you see a TON of people go viral for rage-quitting their games in a fit of anger. Turns out that Snoop Dogg also has those moments!

The legendary rapper was recently streaming Madden NFL 21on his Twitch channel over the weekend and about 15 minutes into the livestream he quit the game out of frustration and left the room.

What he most likely forgot was that he never turned off his stream and people actually watched his stream of an empty room for SEVEN HOURS before Snoop came back in and realized he didn't turn everything off.

Apparently, Snoop had quit Madden after an opposing team scored a touchdown and we've all been there before, especially with sports games!

You can see the highlights of Snoop quitting and then returning to his room later below!

You can also check out the entire seven hour stream HERE if you have the time!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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