A College Student Donated Video Games To A Hospital With His GameStop Stock

A TON of people either made money or lost a lot of money because of GameStop stock last week, but one of the best stories to come out of it is that a 20-year-old college student used a large portion of his $30,000 profit to help a children's hospital!

Hunter Kahn is a mechanical engineering student at Cornell University and like everyone else last week he decided to invest in GameStop and ended up making over $30,000 from his profit gains. However, instead of using it to buy a car or pay his student loans, he used it to buy Nintendo Switches for the Children's Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis.

Kahn purchased six Nintendo Switch Lites, multiple games and gift cards that were worth over $2,000 to help the hospital entertain some of the kids that have to stay there.

You can see Kahn visiting the hospital below and GameStop needs to partner with him to help the entire hospital out!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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