Gangs In The UK Are Stealing PS5s From The Back Of Delivery Trucks


Getting a PlayStation 5 is no easy task during the holidays, but things might be getting a little out of hand because there has been multiple reports of groups of people stealing PS5s from the back of delivery trucks while they are driving!

Apparently gangs in the UK are pulling off the "carjacking scene" from The Fast And The Furious and having one car distract the driver of a delivery truck and then having someone enter the back of the truck to search for PS5s, TVs, and mobile phones to then steal.

The technique is called a "rollover" and apparently has been on the rise with the increased demand on Amazon deliveries so if you're still waiting on your PS5 to get to you, then this might be a partial reason!

Also if you want to relive the first Fast & Furious movie, then check out the scene that might be inspiring these holiday heists!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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