Scientists Are Trying To Figure Out Why Some Gamers Play Inverted

We can all agree that people who play video games inverted versus gamers who play normal is one of the biggest debates in video game, but new research from Brunel University in London might finally end the debate!

A group of scientists, who have shifted their studies into online stuff near the end of the year, are actively researching as to why some people play video games the normal way, while others try to play them backwards.

Brunel University is currently asking for volunteers to take part in experiments “running remote behavioral and psychophysical experiments” designed to examine how “an individual’s visual perceptual abilities may affect how they interact with both real and virtual environments”.

In other words, the researchers are trying to see if something inside an individual's brain affects the way they play video games and if it affects anything else in their life.

At least we can all agree that playing with the brightness all the way up is the best way to play video games!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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