FIFA Pros Had To Use Rock, Paper, Scissors To Decide Who Won Their Matches

If you want to get ahead in life then you might want to keep practicing your Rock, Paper, Scissors skills because you never know when you'll need to break out a quick game just like these two FIFA players had to during a tournament!

Over the weekend two FIFA Ultimate players, named Shaun Galea, and Hasan Eker, were trying to qualify for the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions Cup Stage V; however, halfway through the game they both lost connection to the game two separate times.

Normally a "double-failure" means both players earn a loss in the tournament, but instead of automatically losing, both pros played Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who won between each other.

Eker went on to win Rock, Paper, Scissors 3-1 and luckily EA allowed both players to continue on in the tournament that they both eventually lost in subsequent matches.

Moral of the story: Never pass up on a chance to play Rock, Paper, Scissors because it could pay off big time at some point down the road!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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