Disney FINALLY Released A Baby Yoda Plush Toy And It's Already SOLD OUT!

We're probably a few weeks away from a TON of Baby Yoda merch from being made available at every store imaginable, but Disney decided to get ahead of the rush and released a plus stuffed-animal of Baby Yoda over the weekend!

It is ALREADY SOLD OUT, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bookmark THIS PAGE just in case it restocks!

The stuffed animal is about 11 inches tall and will only cost you $25. Some fans already have their plush toy, but as of right now it looks like the earliest the next batch of shipment will be in April!

You can always try Etsy or eBay, but if you happen to see any Baby Yoda merch in the wild just make sure to grab it while you can!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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