Captain Marvel 2 Is Officially Happening!

It looks like the MCU won't be stopping anytime soon because Captain Marvel 2 has officially been announced to release some time in 2022 with Brie Larson returning as Carol Danvers!

Thanks to our friends at The Hollywood Reporter, we now know that one of the writers for WandaVision, Megan McDonnell, will be writing the film. There hasn't been an announcement as to who will direct the film, but Marvel Studios is seeking a female filmmaker to take on the film.

While the first Captain Marvel was originally set in the 90s, the sequel is going to take place in the present day version of the MCU, whatever that may be in a post-Endgame world.

We may have seen a glimpse of what the plot of the film will be about during the end-credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home where we saw Nick Fury taking a vacation in space with the Skrulls, the alien species from the original film.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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