Going To The Movie Theater Is Just As Hard A Workout As A Brisk Walk!

If you're already tired of going to the gym to stick to your New Year's resolutions then I have the perfect alternative for you to stay in shape: go see a movie at the movie theater!

New research conducted by the University College of London is claiming that seeing a movie is just as much of a heart exercise as taking a brisk walk and now I have all the evidence I need to skip working out to see Star War for the TWENTIETH time!

Apparently the cinematic experience can increase a viewer's hear rate to the same levels observed during a light cardio workout as about halfway through a movie a person's heart rate raises from 40-80% higher than their normal resting heart rate.

So next time you can't decide between going to the gym or seeing a movie with your friends just know that at least when you go see a movie you don't get TOO sweaty!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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