Star Wars Fans Are Uniting To Attempt The #BenSoloChallenge

Say what you will about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I personally loved it, but it kind of divided the Internet over Star Wars fandom. However, one fan is using a pivotal scene to unite everyone in the next viral challenge called the #BenSoloChallenge!

One of the best scenes from The Rise of Skywalker involved Kylo Ren/Ben Solo towards the finale of the film so SPOILERS if you haven't seen the film yet. If you have, then check out the below scene for a refresher and you can probably guess where the challenge is inspired from!

We can all thank @testtube27 for creating the challenge where someone miraculously pulls a lightsaber out of thin air from behind their back and then shrugs. It's super-easy to do and you can even use random objects if you don't have a lightsaber near you.

Here is the original video that started it all:

Here are some of our favorite so far on the Interenet, including Kevin and I's attempt with two lightsabers at the same time:

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