Elgato Is Releasing A New 4K External Capture Card For Streaming!

If you've always wanted to get into streaming on Twitch, Mixer, or any other streaming platform, but were limited because you didn't have a high-end PC to capture your footage then Elgato now has the product for you!

At CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show), Elgato revealed its 4K 60 S+ capture card that can record footage directly from your PS4, PC, or Xbox One into an SD card!

Normally you would need to connect said video game device to a PC to record your gameplay, but now you can essentially record on the go or live stream by connecting through USB 3.0.

The device will be available later this month for $399.99, which is pretty cheap in the long-run because you won't need a dedicated PC for streaming! Also can we talk about how clutch this will be if you ver go to a convention like PAX or E3 and want to record footage!?

Check out the announcement trailer below and you can pre-order the device HERE!

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