You Can Make 'Baby Yoda' Cookies With This Baking Hack!

If you want to switch up your holiday cookie-making tradition this year, then why not add some Baby Yoda to the mix!?

A new baking hack is taking the Internet by storm after it went viral on Reddit that has you turn an angel cookie into a Baby Yoda cookie!

Essentially all you need to do when making the cookies is to chop off the head of any angel cookie you made using a pre-made cookie cutter! Once the head is gone and you heat up the cookie, all you need to do is paint the newly-created "Baby Yoda" head green and you're all set!

You can see what it looks like below, but you already know someone in your family has an angel cookie cutter somewhere! I know what my family is doing this year for the holidays before we go see The Rise of Skywalker!

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