Rise of Skywalker Content Is Coming To 'Star Wars Battlefront II!'

We're less than a FEW days away from The Rise Of Skywalker ending the Skywalker Saga and, while initial reactions to the film have already come out, nothing will prepare you better than this EPIC trailer made by Star Wars Battlefront 2!

The video game will be getting content for Rise of Skywalker starting on December 17th and while it initially looks like just a trailer for said content it then changes to be an AMAZING retrospective for the entire film saga! I almost cried watching it just because of the music in the trailer!

Battlefront 2 initially received a TON of criticism when it first launched in 2017 over its micro-transactions, but has now grown to be a well-received game with a HUGE community.

Check out the trailer below and if you want to get into the game then I suggest you buy the Celebration Edition of the game that gives you a head-start on the two-year-old game!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters starting on December 20th!

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