Pringles Is Creating A 'Self-Feeding Gaming Headset!'

There are few moments in history when you get to witness an innovation like the iPhone make its debut and Pringles is on its way to revolutionizing the way we play video games and eat at the same time!

Pringles just revealed that it is currently working on a gaming headset that ACTUALLY feeds you Pringles chips while playing video games!

Pringles calls their device the "Hunger Hammer" and it's an attachment you can put on your gaming headset that will feed a tube of chips to you with the assistance of a mechanical arm. All you need to do is push a button and BOOM a Pringle goes in your mouth!

The "Hunger Hammer" is currently in its beta prototype stage, but I could totally see a TON of people buying this so they don't dirty up their controller by eating food.

Check out what the "Hunger Hammer" looks like in action below and just cherish the bright future we have ahead of us in eating innovations!

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