Check Out the Release Schedule for The Mandalorian!

Get ready to watch TWO episodes of The Mandalorian during the first week of its release on Disney+!

A post to r/TheMandalorianTV made on Friday officially revealed the release dates for EVERY episode of the first season of the upcoming Star Wars show and it looks like the eight-episode season will wrap up one week after Rise of Skywalker!

On November 12th we will get the premiere episode of the show, but it turns out that on November 15th (that Friday) we'll get to see the SECOND episode. We'll then see new episodes release every Friday. Here's the rest of the schedule:

  • Episode 1 — November 12th
  • Episode 2 — November 15th
  • Episode 3 — November 22nd
  • Episode 4 — November 29th
  • Episode 5 — December 6th
  • Episode 6 — December 13th
  • Episode 7 — December 18th
  • Episode 8 — December 27th

Less than a month to go until Disney+ launche

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