You Can Now Play 'Fortnite: Chapter Two!'

Time to drop back into Fortnite because you can NOW play 'Fortnite: Chapter Two' after the game was down for TWO DAYS thanks to a black hole!

Now I'm going to let you down softly that the Fortnite that you used to know is dead and gone because the game now has a NEW map filled with a ton of activities to try like fishing, swimming and boating.

Normally when a new update comes out we get a full list of notes about what new things are in the game, but we really only have the following trailers to base things on. Either way just prepare yourselves to wait a little bit because not only is it a hefty update, but thousands of people are probably logging on at the same time!

Also if you want even more details as to what you can unlock with this season's Battle Pass, which is now in Season 1, then check out the trailer below!

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