Wendy's Made a Tabletop RPG That Lets You Battle Ronald McDonald!

If you have ever wanted to try tabletop RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), but have felt too intimidated by the set-up and how everything works then have no fear because Wendy's just released a tabletop RPG as its newest promotion!

The game is called Feast of Legends and is just like D&D as it tasks player with creating characters with five stats (Strength, Intelligence, Charm, Arcana, and Grace) and choosing one of 12 Orders, each of which is based on a different Wendy's Menu item like the rogue-like Order of the Chicken Nuggets or the magical Order of the Frosty.

The five-part campaign game is apparently set in the realm of Beef's Keep and it turns out that the villain of the game is the Creepy King with the Paper Crown, which is essentially a shot-for-shot recreation of Ronald McDonald!

Check out the trailer for the game below!

Feast of Legends is available to download now! If you want the PDF version of the guide you can go HERE, but you can probably expect a physical release sometime soon!

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