This is What GameStop Will Look Like in the Near Future!

Get ready for your local GameStop to look different in the near future because our friends at IGN have confirmed that GameStop is starting to redesign its stores as a part of the company's "GameStop Reboot" plan!

A GameStop store manager in Pryor, Oklahoma recently posted a video tour of his store's new layout and I got to say it looks SO MUCH BETTER than what we're all used to!

Not all stores will look like the one in the video, which you can see below, but I kind of hope they all stick with the similar vibe. No longer will you see random toys, collectibles, shirts, and games all over the walls, but you will instead see "highlighted products."

At the same time, based on what type of GameStop you go into, you will be able to play retro or eSport games at the back of the store. There’s also a wall-mounted tablet in the store that customers can order from, as well as a sofa and HD TV located in the middle of the store.

Check out what GameStops could look like in the near future below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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