TSA Has Banned 'Thermal Detonator' Bottles From Star Wars Galaxy's Edge!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is OFFICIALLY open at Disney World's Hollywood Studios in Orlando and if you're planning a trip in the near future then you might want to avoid taking the "thermal detonator" Coke and Sprite home with you!

One of the more affordable souvenirs at Galaxy's Edge is the park's Coke, Sprite, and Diet Coke that come in bottles shaped like thermal detonators from the Star Wars Saga, but apparently they're causing a big issue with vacationers at TSA.

According to the TSA the bottles aren't allowed on either carry-on or checked luggage, due to their resemblance to weapons! Apparently a few park attendees asked TSA on social media and they were told that they would be pulled aside and asked about the drink bottle if they tried to go through TSA.

The TSA also has this policy when it comes to squirt guns, Nerf guns, toy swords, or other items that resemble realistic firearms or weapons. So be like this guy, who was smart to ask ahead of his flight, and maybe avoid taking the plastic bottles home with you!

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

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