Disney World to Offer Cheaper Tickets If You Go Later in the Day!

I think we can ALL agree that tickets to Disney World aren’t cheap, but a new ticket option could make your next trip to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” a little more affordable!

Disney will soon offer "Mid-Day Magic" tickets that will only set you back $98 during peak times instead of $140 or more! However, you should know that the only condition is that you have to come to the park in the afternoon hours instead of when a park opens at 8 or 9am!

You also can’t buy just one ticket as Mid-Day Magic tickets are available in packs of two, three, or four. Also you CAN'T get into Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge with this ticket as the only way to get in right now is to get a Fastpass for a set time when the park opens.

So there are some caveats, but if you just want to go to Disney for fun and don't mind coming in later in the day then this is a great alternative that helps you save money!

Mid-Day Magic tickets are available through December 15th for right now and for more information on the tickets you can go HERE!

FYI, the best perk is that you'll at least get to see the fireworks!!

(Yahoo! Lifestyle)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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