One Mom's EPIC Rant Went Viral Over Millennials Going to Disney World!

Heads up for any "childless millennial" planning to go to Disney World and Disneyland for their next vacation because apparently one mom is SUPER upset that we're preventing her kid from enjoying the park!

This weekend had to be the most fired up I saw the Internet and it's all thanks to a mom's EPIC rant declaring that millennials without kids should be banned from Disney World. Now I get that Disney Parks are intended for younger audiences, but when you are in your mid-twenties to early-thirties and have a little extra spending money then why shouldn't you buy a $150 lightsaber!?

Check out the mother's rant below and if you react the same way I did then eat a Dole Whip and Mickey pretzel on me the next time you go to Disney World!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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