Fortnite Has a 'Stranger Things' Crossover This Week!

Even though you already have plans for Fourth of July and are probably watching ALL of Stranger Things 3 this weekend make sure you fit some time for Fortnite because the game will have a crossover with Stranger Things for the next few weeks!

Stranger Things-style portals have started appearing in the game’s Mega Mall region and if you walk through a portal the world will turn dark for a second before you’re transported to another section of the map.

Now you're not immediately transported to the Upside Down, but I could totally see that as a Limited-Time Mode in the game!

Also someone accidentally leaked a Hopper and Demi-gorgan costume that will only be available for a limited time so if you want to play as David harbour all the time in Fortnite then now's your chance!

Stranger Things 3 is currently available to watch on Netflix!

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