The Walking Dead Comic is Ending THIS WEEK!

The Walking Dead comic is coming to an end as its final issue, #193, is coming out today and will mark the end of the series created by Robert Kirkman!

Kirkman announced yesterday that Issue #193 would be the conclusion he wanted for the characters in the comic series and even admitted that he created "fake versions" of the comic to throw people off.

Issue #193 is titled "The Farmhouse," and the description for the issue reads, "Out in the countryside, trouble is brewing for a certain someone."

Now this doesn't mean the AMC show will be coming to an end any time soon, but this does give us a look into the future that THERE IS AN END to the show if they so desired!

If you're a fan of the comics make sure you stay off social media for the next few weeks because Kirkman has admitted that many things can be spoiled online!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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