Hoody Reviews 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' in 60 Seconds or Less!

I got to see Spider-Man: Far From Home early and it totally lives up and surpasses the expectations I had for it! It's an even better palate cleanser and end to Phase Three of the MCU!

The movie gave me tons of European Vacation vibes and like Spider-Man: Homecoming it focuses on its characters first before its grand-scale threat, which I won't spoil. There wasn't a single moment in the film that felt wasted or just to fill time and it's a nice change of pace to see a "peppier" MCU now that the universe-ending threat is gone. Here are some of my initial, SPOILER-FREE, thoughts on the film and what stood out to me:

  • Stick around for BOTH end-credits scenes because they have BIG implications for Spider-Man and the MCU
  • Zendaya and Tom Holland's chemistry is so believable that I hope they date in real life
  • Mysterio's scenes were amazing to watch (I won't spoil why)
  • Far From Home connects tiny threads in the MCU that you didn't know needed connecting!
  • The movie does a great job of setting up Spider-Man as his own hero and builds his universe

Watch my full review for Spider-Man: Far From Home below:

I'm giving Spider-Man: Far From Home 9 out of 10 passport stamps and you should definitely see this in theaters to help you recover from Avengers: Endgame! Spider-Man: Far From Home will be in theaters starting on July 2nd!

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

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