Game of Thrones' Final Season Had the LEAST Amount of Dialogue on the Show

Game of Thrones may be done and over now, but a TON of fans are still dissecting every little detail to figure out why so many people didn't enjoy the finale and I think we know why now!

Thanks to Twitter, someone actually counted the amount of dialogue in every season and found out that as the seasons went on that the amount of dialogue decreased in the show. You can see below that since the very first episode of the show that the amount of words per minutes decreases to the final season to about 27 words per minute in the finale.

This might be in part to Jon Snow only saying "I don't want the throne" and "She's my queen" in pretty much every episode of the final season, but it's also because they had to set up what the show was about in the earlier seasons, whereas the action did the talking in later seasons.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the final season of Game of Thrones? Let me know @AndrewHoody!

Photo Credit: HBO

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