Millionaire to Host Real-Life 'Battle Royale' on a Private Island!

If you think you or someone you know is an expert at Fortnite then you might want to sign-up for this real-life 100-person battle royale a millionaire is hosting on a private island!

You read that right a REAL-LIFE BATTLE ROYALE and the last person standing wins $130,000!

Now obviously this isn't "to the death," but participants are instead given air-soft guns to eliminate other players who are wearing "touch-sensitive" body armor. The competition will run for three days with food and camping gear provided and apparently players will be marked as safe during the night!

The event won't happen any time soon, but you can actually help create and organize the event by applying at Hush Hush, which is a "luxury shopping marketplace," and get paid about $58,000!

We're literally pulling off some Hunger Games-type stuff in the real world! If this becomes a yearly tradition I call "dibs" on being Caesar Flickerman and interviewing the survivors! May the odds be ever in your favor!


Photo Credit: Epic Games

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