You Can Get a Free Year of Nintendo Switch Online with Twitch Prime!

This might be the best deal with twitch Prime yet because Twitch has just announced that its next deal will be a free year-long subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

Twitch Prime is a free perk if you pay for Amazon Prime and essentially gives you free games, skins, and loot and this month's perk is a free three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online which is the online service for Nintendo Switch.

60 days after you redeem your three-month subscription you can then get an additional nine months for free as well!

The main perk for having the online subscription for Nintendo Switch is that it allows you to play online multiplayer games, play tons of classic NES games, and even play the best battle royal game ever Tetris 99.

To check and see if you have Twitch Prime you can go HERE and you even get a free subscription to your favorite Twitch streamer! Look at all that fun stuff you get!

Photo Credit: Nintendo

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