Google to Launch Its Cloud Gaming Platform Called 'Stadia'

It's been rumored for months since Google ran its "Project Stream" beta in December, but Google has officially announced their own streaming video game platform called "Stadia" at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Stadia will be the first platform that allows players, developers, and content creators to play on any device they choose, including: their phone, laptop, tablet, and television. Thanks to Google servers around the world any game you choose to play like Assassin's Creed or NBA 2K19 will no longer be bound by a disc or console, but instead be connected to a server that will allow you to play anywhere.

Stadia is planning to stream games at its launch sometime in 2019 in 4K at 60 fps for playing games and sharing game streams. Eventually they even announced that they will support 8K with 120+ fps. We don't even know if those exist yet!

Also announced during the show were several key features of Stadia such as the ability to share your game state with another player so that they can play exactly where you were, the ability to play with some of your favorite content creators, and the ability to even find walkthrough videos for the game you're currently playing without missing a beat.

Check out the full announcement video below and expect a lot more news throughout the year. You can go to Stadia's website to learn more info and even sign-up to be an insider when the platform launches. Fingers crossed Google attends E3 this year.

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