This Twitter Account Tells You If You Can Pet Dogs in Video Games

Looking to get your "dog fix" even in a video game? Then look no further than the Can You Pet The Dog Twitter account which for the past few weeks has documented EVERY video game dog you can actually pet!

One of the best feelings in any video game is when you can interact with a dog, even if you just found it randomly playing the game and this Twitter account is helping everyone find dogs even easier by listing the games you can and cannot pet the dog in.

They're covering everything from The Division 2, which just came out, to classic games like Pajama Sam 2, which we all can admit that we played back in the day! Here are some of our favorites we have seen so far:

Needless to say petting a dog in a video game shouldn't be the biggest factor as to if you should buy the game or not, but it's just a perk to have whenever you need some "furry goodness" in your life

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