Someone Played Mario Kart on a Baseball Stadium's Jumbotron!

How awesome would it be to play your favorite video games on a jumbo-tron because for a few people that dream became a reality at Kauffman stadium in Kansas City, Missouri!

A news helicopter was trying to get aerial footage  of the Kansas City Chiefs' stadium when they noticed that someone was playing Mario Kart on the jumbo-tron of the Kansas City Royals' stadium!

You can check out the footage, which has since then gone viral, below of the victory screen of the game.

Turns out that the Kansas City Royals' charity foundation, Royals Charities, was hosting a fundraising event in the stadium to help children and military families in Kansas City. 

At least the person who won played for charity, but did they win with a pro controller or a Joy-Con because those are two completely different lifestyle choices!

Photo Credit: Nintendo

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