The Punisher Season 2 is Coming to Netflix in January 2019!

Get Ready to See This Mean Mug in January!

Get your hype-hats ready because the potentially final season of The Punisher is coming to Netflix in January!!

Netflix released its "New to Netflix" video for YouTube and while there are a ton of movies and shows coming out in January it wasn't until the very end of the video, aka the end-credits, that we saw the first promo for the second season of The Punisher!

While there was no official date tied to the promo, we can at least know we might be getting a surprise drop in January.

Unfortunately, this might be the last time we see the character on Netflix if the trend of the streaming service canceling its Marvel shows after they release a new season continues.

You can check out the video below and let's just all get ready for what may be Frank Castle's final appearance on Netflix!

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Photo Credit: Netflix


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