Next Year's Arrowverse Crossover is CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS!

Who would have thought that picking our podcast name two years ago would eventually cause the Arrowverse to FINALLY have its "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover!?

Last night at the conclusion of this year's crossover between The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl called "Elseworlds" the end teaser/stinger was a scene between Barry and Oliver getting drinks until Oliver was interrupted with a call from Batwoman.

She called to ask about John Deegan (aka Dr. Destiny from the comics) and his new cellmate Psycho Pirate, which then cuts to the villain saying a "crisis is coming." 

The crossover then ends with a "Fall 2019" date and "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Check out the scene below.

Essentially what this means is that not only is the Arrowverse going to address the newspaper article about The Flash disappearing in Season 1 of the show, but we could be at a point where EVERY DC show, past and present, could connect!

We're talking about Krypton on Syfy, Titans on the DCEU app, The '90s Flash, Smallville, heck even the movies could "converge" in next year's crossover and exist all together in the same universe.

In the comics, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" was a big multi-issue crossover that had the superheroes of multiple universes fighting against the villain known as The Anti-Monitor.

We already saw The Monitor (the good guy version of Anti-Monitor) in this year's crossover who was warning the heroes of what's to come, but we CANNOT wait to see what happens in 2019!!

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