The NEW Trailer for Captain Marvel is Here!!

Last night might have been the first time you have watched football in a while and that's totally okay because during halftime of the Redskins vs Eagles game Marvel released a new trailer for Captain Marvel!

We've already had one trailer to sort of set up what the movie is all about, but the new trailer that came out last night gives us a little more detail and "color" as to how the movie is shaping up. I'm not going to spoil anything until later, so watch the trailer below.

It's funny that a ton of people tuned in to Monday Night Football last night, because it wasn't until Sunday that we knew Marvel was even releasing a new trailer after they released the theatrical poster for the movie on social media. You can see that below too.

While the Internet has reacted mostly positive to the trailer, there is only one reaction you need to read and that's from Kevin Smith, who summed up all of our reactions pretty well.

Captain Marvel will be in theaters on March 8, 2019 and be ready for new Marvel trailers to come later this week if the rumors are right!

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