Fortnite is Teaming Up with the NFL for New Outfits!

Some thought that having Thanos appear in Fortnite was the world's biggest crossover of all time, well move on over because the NFL is officially partnering with Fortnite!

Starting on November 9th you can purchase NFL theme outfits in the game that can be swapped for any team currently in the NFL. 

So if you're a bandwagon fan you can totally say you support whatever team makes it to the Super Bowl even though you're normally a die-hard Redskins fan.

Plus if you have a particular number you are a fan of, whether it's the number you rocked in little league or your favorite number of all time you can also choose that as well.

You can check out what the uniforms will look like in-game below, but are you going to spend your hard=-earned V-Bucks for a Redskins jersey or that trending dance emote you've always wanted?!

Photo Credit/Source: Epic Games

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