An RPG Harry Potter Video Game is in Development!

It looks like we might have FINALLY seen our first look at Rocksteady Studios'/Avalanche Software's new game and it's going to be based on the Harry Potter franchise!

Either Rocksteady Studios, who you might recognize as the developers behind the Batman Arkham games, or Avalanche Software, who helped developed the Disney Infinity series, have reportedly been working on the new RPG (role-playing game) for the past few years. YouTuber RastaPasta apparently found leaked footage of the game earlier this week and claims it's from the game.

Now this all could be fake and someone mysteriously made up all of the game footage, which you can see below, but we want to believe!

The game will reportedly take place in the 1800's, long before the main series takes place, and you will get to go to Hogwarts! Please make this be true!

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