Your First Look at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

We finally got a first look at what Joaquin Phoenix will look like as The Joker in Todd Phillips Joker film and we definitely we're expecting a more realistic take.

Some of the first screenshots from the set of the film have been released online, as well as Todd Phillips' Instagram, and as of right now we're getting a no make-up version of The Joker.

This is what director Todd Phillips posted to Instagram over the weekend with the caption "Arthur:"

We can assume this means that Joaquin Phoenix's version of The Joker will have an actual named, which is something most people have avoided with the character because it gives him a sense of mystery that has led the character to becoming the icon that he is over the years.

You can see more of the screenshots from on-set below!

Personally if they just added a little bit of clown makeup to Phoenix and maybe dyed his hair green he would look perfect!!! 

Fingers crossed their just filming the beginning of the movie!

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