Six Nerdy Classes You Can Take in College

When you're in college you have to take a ton of prerequisite classes before you can take classes in your major or fun classes, but at some colleges they just like to give you credit for learning about what you love.

The eight following classes are taught in real schools across the country and if you are already planning your next semester's schedule then you might want to include these ones:

1. Spongbobology

Where: Oberlin Experimental College

What's Taught: This class requires students to have an ability to enjoy the silliness of Spongebob Squarepants, but to also explain what's really going on in the show. You get to watch early season of Spongebob which we can all agree were the best.

2. Parasites as Literary Protagonists - Mind Control, Emasculation, and Egg Sacks

Where: Cornell University

What's Taught: This is technically considered a Biomedical Science class where you learn about the pathogens and parasites that take over host organisms in fictional media. Essentially you get to watch the Alien movies and really learn what goes on when a facehugger attacks you!

3. The Fantastical World of Japanese Anime

Where: SUNY Buffalo

What's Taught: Want to learn more about the biggest export of Japan? Then you will need to take this course that lets you study films from Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon  and learn how complex it actually is to make an anime.

4. Law of Robots

Where: Cornell Tech in New York City

What's Taught: Learn about how robots are treated across the world according to the legal system. You'll learn if robots really have rights and if a robot uprising could happen in the near future. Just be ready to worship our future robot overlords!

5. The Physics of Star Trek

Where: Santa Clara University

What's Taught: Technically this is a Physics class where you get to learn all about how the science in Star Trek could actually work one day. Spanning all of the original TV shows up through the current movies you'll be building your own transporter to any point in no time.

6. Disneyland

Where: University of Virginia

What's Taught: Technically considered an Art History class you get to go through the concepts and designs Walt Disney and his Imagineers used to develop their famous amusement parks. You'll become an expert at finding hidden Mickeys at every Disney park in no time!



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