Spider-Man on PS4's Failed Proposal Gets Used By Someone Else

Spider-Man is now out on PlayStation 4 and it's one of the most successful superhero games in recent years! With a ton of references to other Marvel properties there is one Easter egg that is making headlines and it's a proposal a player made to his girlfriend Maddie!

Back in May a player named Tyler asked the developers of the game, Insomniac Games, if they would help him propose to his longtime girlfriend Maddie by putting the proposal in their game.

Of course they said they would help him out and it wasn't until when the game came out last week that everyone learned the sad part of the story.

Apparently Maddie had broken up with Tyler a few weeks before Spider-Man came out; however, Insomniac still included the proposal in their game because they had no idea.

Tons of people took a photo next to the sign which made Tyler ask if the developers could patch out the sign in the game's next update, but before the sign gets taken out of the game another player decided to use it as a proposal idea!

I have no idea how the new Maddie had no idea about the Easter egg being a failed proposal, but you already know this puts a ton of "bad juju" on their relationship!!

Image Courtesy of Insomniac Games


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