Amazon Prime Ending Its 20% Discount on Video Game Pre-Orders

You may want to start pre-ordering all the games you want for the rest of the year because Amazon is ending its Prime discount on pre-ordered games on August 28.

Amazon Prime gave shoppers a 20% discount when you pre-ordered games as an incentive to pre-order with them, but at the end of this month that discount ends and in its place you will instead get a $10 Amazon credit that you can use AFTER pre-ordering a game.

According to Amazon "once a customer has pre-ordered a qualifying item, they must wait up to 35 days to receive their $10 via email which is valid for 60 days."

So act now on Amazon so your normally $60 game can be $48 when you actually have to pay for it when it releases later this year.

Here are some of the games you SHOULD pre-order to save 20%:

IMAGE: Getty


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