Hoody's Favorite Moments from E3 2018 Day 2

I have to say that Day 2 of E3 2018 was busy and filled with games, but it was totally worth being super exhausted at the end of the day!

I got to play over 8 upcoming games, both behind closed doors and on the show floor, which is a feat during E3 where you can wait up to 3 hours on a game. While Day 1 was filled with the games I HAD to see, Day 2 was filled with surprises and excitement that to me are good representations of what gaming is all about!

1. Grouping up with everyone and going after Player 9 in Skull & Bones

I'll admit that I didn't really know too much about Skull & Bones and just thought it was a clone of Sea of THieves, but it completely plays different and is a lot more realistic than the other pirate game.

You're put in control of your own customizable ship and then put in an open world filled with story missions and side quests. In the demo we played no one knew we were all in the same session and then we immediately turned on Player 9! Sorry Player 9!

2. Defending Washington DC While Dancing the Macarena in The Division 2

I didn't play the first Division, but hearing that the sequel will be set in Washington DC had me intrigued because they were going to go in and out of all the famous landmarks in DC. The sequel has definitely improved upon the first game!

You can play solo or with up to three other players and while the main point is to play the story, my team was caught up in doing the "Macarena" with the emote system.

3. Going Undefeated at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

I know Call of Duty gets a lot of criticism in the gaming community, but I'm including it because I feel like I can actually contribute to the game thanks to the new mechanic of each player's multiplayer character having specific abilities.

Also I went undefeated with my team so that helps a ton!

Image Courtesy of Ubisoft

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