Bethesda Shows Off Fallout 76, Doom 2, and More at E3

We're all back at E3 this year in Los Angeles, CA and we actually got invited to press conferences this year! I got invited to Bethesda's and here are all the games that got announced that you'll need to keep your gaming schedule open for.

Probably the biggest game we were all waiting for answers on was Fallout 76 and Todd Howard, the Game Director for Fallout, answered everyone's questions about the game:

  • Up to 12 people will be in the same world as you
  • You can play solo if you want to.
  • It is a prequel to EVERY other Fallout game
  • It will have dedicated servers (meaning it will have a team behind it making sure content is up to task)
  • It's 4 TIMES LARGER than Fallout 4!!

Check out the new trailer below.

Another highlight from the Bethesda conference was Doom Eternal which is the sequel to the first Doom game that came out a few years ago!

The game will not be set on Earth as you try to defeat demons from Hell from taking over and if you love the first one, gore, or just plain-old shooting video games then you'll need to learn more about it at QuakeCon when more info is announced. But at least we got a trailer which is always good.

Also you might have heard of a little game called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, well Bethesda just teased that another entry into the Elder Scrolls is being made! Check out the quick teaser below!

That wasn't everything that was teased or discussed during Bethesda's conference and we will make sure to give you all the coverage you need of their games, but you can check out the ENTIRE conference below.

Image Courtesy of Bethesda

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