Anthem Looks Amazing!

Anthem was announced at last years E3 and looks like the developers have been putting on a lot of work on it. At EA's press conference on Sunday, they gave a look at a few of their classics(Battlefield,Star Wars Battlefront), but then they debuted  brand new game play footage of their new I.P. "Anthem"! Check it out below:


Looks fun right?!?!?!? So what we are hearing is the game will have online co-op play so you and a few friends (or complete strangers) can take down baddies together kind of like destiny 2. Also the mech suits are called javelins and you have 5 different suits to choose from but you aren't locked down into one suit when you start playing. You are free to use different suits if you want to play the game a different way. I just can't wait to fly around in this massive new world that EA and bioware have created!!



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