A Boba Fett Standalone Movie is Happening!!

While you might be preparing yourself for Solo: A Star Wars Story to come out this weekend get ready for even more standalone films in the Star Wars galaxy because a Boba Fett standalone  movie is officially being created!

James Mangold, who wrote and directed Logan, will reportedly do the same for the infamous bounty hunter! It is also being reported that Simon Kinberg, who also helped write for Logan, will help co-write and produce as well!

This also won't be the only standalone Star Wars film coming out because an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie has been rumored for the past few months with no official word, but fingers crossed it involves Ewan McGregor!!

While no actor or story is actually confirmed for the potential film, maybe they will be inspired by Robot Chicken's version of a Boba Fett story? I mean if they want to have it set before Empire Strikes Back then that is fine with us too!

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